Empower Her 101 is a non-profit and charitable networking and mentoring organization for women and young girls. We are passionate about helping females to become their best selves. Through the process of event planning as well as execution of events females get first-hand experience about what it takes to run a business and be involved in putting on an event surrounded by qualified professionals.

We show females that by elevating their network and by starting small but thinking big that they can change their mindset and begin to dream big and accomplish their goals regardless of how huge they are. We are in the business of populating the planet with business-minded females.

We will help women and girls to see themselves as influencers, movers and shakers. Through our events held at different times throughout the year and as we network, we will help females experience success in their careers and businesses.

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Phone: 905-581-3077

Email: Info@empowerher101.com

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