Coaching + Mentorship

We are a group committed to personal development through mindfulness. We recognize that there are areas that are particularly important for our success in our businesses and our careers. Our coaching program is specially designed and is geared to get females taking the reins of their lives.

Areas explored include:


*Financial literacy

*Career and New business tips.

Information on our mentorship and volunteering program for high school girls below.

Networking at our Events

We are becoming well-known for hosting our own classy, fun events that are super-organized and where a lot of information is shared especially around financial literacy. Our marketing strategies are carefully thought out and executed producing memorable events where there is tons of networking.

Marketing on our platform

One of the amazing benefits of being a one of our members and connecting with our predominantly female-gang is the opportunity to have your brand or business featured on our platform! We not only vibe off each other but support each other in whatever ways that we can and celebrate each other’s success. We help you take your business or career to the next level!

Our Volunteering and Mentorship Program for High School Girls


Our Volunteering and Mentorship Program for High School Girls

Are you an Ontario High School student who is female looking to complete your 40 hours of community volunteer service, mostly virtually?

We are committed to help preparing females for their future careers whether as business owners, players in the corporate world or as skilled workers. We do this by creating a supportive network with valuable experience. Our volunteers and  members have the opportunity to work from home completing different types of tasks and connecting to the team through the use of technology or by becoming involved in the planning of one of our events.

  • Self-confidence
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Dress in the workplace or for your business
  • Financial Literacy
  • Business Etiquette
  • Approaching The Industry Of Choice

Testimonials from Past Events

About Us

Empower Her 101 is a not-for-profit networking organization for women and girls. Some of the funds we raise are generated by our own efforts. We host our own live and online events. We are passionate about helping females to improve their mindfulness so that they can experience ongoing personal growth. As we plan and execute events females new to our circle get first-hand experience about what it takes to run a business and advance their career while being involved in planning an event surrounded by qualified professionals who talk money most of the time!

Who we are

Empower Her 101 is a not-for-profit networking organization. Our goal is that females will be inspired to advance in their careers and/or start their own businesses and we provide mentorship to teenagers. Our flagship service is teaching financial literacy through workshops and fun community events.

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Why choose us

Choose Empower Her 101 to volunteer and get your forty hours or to help you get that business up and running or to market your services on our platform. Attend one of our workshops or events and learn how to manage your personal and business finances!

  • Mentorship 24 yrs
  • Financial Literacy 6 yrs
  • Events 25 yrs
  • Marketing 10 yrs

Our experience

Mentorship - 26 years
Financial Literacy - 6 years
Business - 6 years
Events - 26 years
Marketing - 10 years


Tamesha was previously an educator for more than 20 years with some international teaching experience. She is an award-winning entrepreneur who enjoys mentoring, event planning and is committed to building communities. This passion further came to life when in 2016 she was recognized as a Black Canadian Role Model and began networking with other like-minded women outside of teaching. After spending some time in the financial services sector, she decided to birth Empower Her 101 to help females commit to ongoing personal growth. She also helps women to advance in their careers and/or start their own businesses and uses financial literacy as the platform as she engages them.